When the beast is as interested in you as you are in it

Standing at the vulture point on Dhundua falls, Panna Tiger Reserve, we admired the vultures soar around us. The air was warm and humid, making vultures descend down with the thermals. And while we were lost in the viewfinders of our cameras trying at get a shot of the Peregrine Falcon pair and onlooker says- Could you see in the alley why the rock tip looks orange... It took a minute to spot the sunlit rock edge. But when I did spot it, my smile stretched from one ear to another. It was a tiger!!! Usually, when tigers were spotted in Dhundua valley, it was an easy task as they walked in the valley, slept on the rocks or drank water in the only water hole there. This tiger was sitting on the top of a vertical rock cut in board daylight. I got some decent shots of the tiger, not so great due to its distance from me. By then it was only us ho had seen the animal. Soon the tiger had seen us. It jumped down from the rock, walked through the boulder, making its way to the water hole at the base of the waterfall. Throughout his walk, the tiger stopped at regular intervals, looked up, stared at us and then continued walking. It knew we were there, watching him. he then disappeared in a cave below the point where we stood.
On close inspection of my images, the tiger's identity was confirmed to be P112. A major debate followed between the locals about the tiger's identity. P112 by some was long dead. But finally, the identity was confirmed to be P112 after confirmation with FD and cross checking the previous images of the tiger.

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