Too conscious to dream

To dream is something ost of either forgotten or are too scared off. often one finds a dark, undisturbed corner that can comfort him to dream. But why is one so scared to admit to your dreams? Why should one care about what others have to think of your dreams? Or worse, why should one want someone to dream with? Dreams are a gift that one has where they are solely yours... Where you far from the world's orientation are free to wonder. So, why think of the world and its judgment while you dream. It is going to hold you accountable even if you behave. So don't find a corner to dream. Don't be shy to dream. As they are only yours. And no one can see them but you. Also, why dream with someone? Often that leaves us with is nothing but a never-ending period of time. And for all you know the dreams by the end of it might not even coincide. So lets dream like the leopard in the image. Where it was not looking for a private space to dream but it has made the spit to dream a private one as only the leopard is in it. 
Seen in the image is an Indian Leopard outside its cave dream at dusk. 

Image made during Bera Journeys. 

Small: A4: 11.69 X 8.27 inches
Medium: A3: 16.53 X 11.69 inches
Large: 2 X 3 feet : 24 X 36 inches