To disagree does not always mean you put up a fight

Something I learned and am trying to do. 
It was 4 am in the remote village of Nagaland and yet it was bright enough to be 11 am as per the Central India Time Zone. The village men had gathered outside the village Council Hall, a place that had been our camp during the survey for few days by then. I couldn't believe that these men had gathered at 4 am for an auction. But then I thought, why not? These are the same people that call it a day at 5 pm. It began as a discussion and soon turned into a chaotic debate. People were bidding for the metal pipes that had stayed back after a village civil project. There were few and people bidding a lot more. Also, the problem was, people did not want to raise the bid and yet want the pipes. The Old Village Head stood near and fire, closed his eyes, looked at the grounded and nodded. Everyone got the point. All the shouting stopped. All eyes were glued to the old man's face. Then he spoke. He asked each person why the pipes were needed. Then he sold them to the people who needed them the most. 
I recently have noted this could be done here in the urban set-up, where everyone voices their opinion just because they can, even if not asked for and in the urge to do it they often miss the point of conversation and peak random words. This often leaves me with a question? What have I asked and what are you saying...
Another type is the one that asks you a thing but not actually wants you to give your opinion. They want you to listen but not want to hear, often leaving with a thought why did you even ask me the question? Funny right!
And the most dramatic ones are the one whose volume is beyond understanding. These are the ones you hope don't make you deaf. They think if you speak random stuff but at the top of your voice, it's legit. Well! it's not.
To handle these situations I try the Old Naga Guy technique. Close my eyes, nod and disagree and if the person still does not get it then leave. They shall get back when they really want to. Hope this helps you too. 

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