The wait for Lamaji

A lady from Sumur village is all dressed in traditional attire to greet The Dalai Lama. I was heading out of this village towards Leh. I had heard rumors of the Holiness visiting the village but there seemed to be no sign of him. Later, we were told that his Holiness was in some other village.
I then decided to start my drive towards Leh city.
As I drove out of my lodge and came onto the main road towards Leh, I saw the streets full of locals. They hoped and believed that his Holiness would come visit them. While driving past the lady in the frame, I asked the lady to head home and that the Dalai Lama is in some other village. To this she replied, "He will come!" The sheer belief she had about her deity was unshakable.
I stopped the car to go meet her. She was a woman in her late 50's, dressed in her traditional attire. She had a bunch of flowers in her hands. She wished to give it to his Holiness. I was in shock and awe of this woman and her belief. The absolute belief of hers made me wait. Now I was keen on knowing the climax of this episode! Will she go home disappointed? Or will she succeed in getting a glimpse of his Holiness.
2 hours later, I found myself rather enjoying myself on the street. After all it gave me endless subjects to photograph. And then, 3 hours later he did come... A convoy approached the village. And in the middle of the convoy was the only car with it's windows rolled down. It was him, the Dalai Lama.

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