The unreal sight

It was our second drive in Ranthambhore TR. After a dry drive in the morning we were really looking forward to some activity. But nothing.. We had planned this tour to click some cubs. Well atleast, that's what we wanted. But the day we landed at the park, the overcast whether changed animal activity and got our expectations to ground reality. Our second drive was about to end and with no sighting of big cats, leave aside cubs. Most who have been on safaris know what happens in such conditions- you become anxious, then worry, then get bored and eventually doze off to sleep hoping you won't fall off the moving vehicle. Well, it was pretty similar with our gang, There were 7 mins for the park to shut an everyone took the shortest route out. Just before the exit gate is a rock pool which we checked while others exited the park. And there it was, a massive, impressive male leopard. Leopards are shy and evade on encounters like ours. SO we clicked some shots without actually bothering about the angle. Then to our surprise the leopard actually came closer and sat on a rock only 20 mts. from us. Our triggers that might have rusted by then were put to good use. We who by then were cursing our stars the entire safari were now blaming park timings as we had only 3 mins to exit. Finally the unheard of had to be done, we had to leave the leopard and exit. 

Image made during the Ranthambhore Journeys

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