The time in the world

In these modern times what connectivity has done is reduced respect for time. I remember writing letters to my Granny. You had limited space and words. You knew you had to choose what you wanted to convey and then write. You had to make sure you don't miss out on the things you want to express. But technology, connectivity got simpler, faster and cheap. People just don't value the intent, time and sentiment in reaching out. One can just get in touch for no reason, maybe to kill time. People convey things in fragments instead of really analyzing what and how much information is to be shared. Why? Just because they can. Maybe they are used to not valuing their own or others time. Sad but true.
Some remote areas I visited, had no internet or cable. They keenly looked forward to their monthly movie screenings. That anticipation they had was not about the quality or the type of movie. It was about the luxury to see one. It was the joy to have something that you didn't. But with wires and towers everywhere, one can watch what he wants, when he wants. I find it funny when people complain about having watched all recent movies and how they are bored. 
Maybe that's why I ask people to travel, as that's the only way to learn about life.

Small: A4: 11.69 X 8.27 inches
Medium: A3: 16.53 X 11.69 inches
Large: 2 X 3 feet : 24 X 36 inches