The smile that joy deficient so called superior civilized minds fail to understand

So it was in the remote village near India-Tibet border that we spent time with some nomads
These clusters of humans have many names by the city folks- Nomads, Shephards, Refugees, etc.
I photographered this kid from the tribe. Clothes all dirty, maybe not washed for sometime (well with temperatures as low as -25 deg cel why would you bother removing clothes). The kid had a plastic stick which was a left over from a candy he maybe had a week ago. His face all wrinkled due to the exposure to extreme climatic conditions. Nose had what I call Stalactites of Water running out of his nose. 
Well, dirty, filthy, smelly, unhygenic, undernourished are few of the many words I have heard people use for such kids. They were judged on what I call the Western Standard that most educated, ohh sorry, literate Indians strive to attain. Similar were the stories I heard from locals about being judged by outsiders. Also similar were stories or judgement I have seen people make who have never been to the terrain and I doubt ever will manage to. 
Its interesting to have a holy grail as standard of lifestyle just because you have the privilege to. Interestingly these people were much fitter than the people who judge them. Their dietary composition assumed to be incomplete without all nutrients haven't stopped them from being a lot more healthier. Education or not their lifestyle induced through cultural teachings has given them a holistic approach towards life, nature and other people. And more importantly they have still remained happy compared to the modern people who judge them on the basis of their attire, lifestyle, education, food choices, modern day comfort.

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