The Sly One

In a litter of multiple cubs, one usual is very bold, another is super shy and the rest are grades of the earlier characters mentioned. These features stay constant as the cubs grow. The bold cub usually becomes the glamorous tiger of tourist zones, while the shy cub turn out to become either shy adults in tourism zone whose pugmarks are regularly seen but the tiger in actual is rarely sighted or they move out to peaceful, undisturbed parts of the park. During my recent Tadoba journey when I bumped upon the Hirdinala family, I witnessed three cubs- a super bold, a really shy one and a real sly one. The bold cub was the first to come onto the road to it's mother and it stayed on the road the longest. The shy one was the last to come to it's mother and yet the first to cross the road and disappear. The sly one was the one that really got my attention. It was a mix of bold yet skittish behavior. This cub was the second to come onto the road. It stayed on the road with it's mo and sibling throughout. Yet all this time it placed itself away from the tourist sight, hidden between its mother and brother. Even more interesting was throughout all this, it kept a watch on us. Here is a image of the cub doing the same.

Image clicked during Tadoba Journeys

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