The silent spectator

An Indian Leopard sat in the rocky blankets on a rainy day in Jhalana. While vehicles went mad looking for one, and all they got is dust, we spotted this young leopard resting in rocks. For she was stationary enough to not be seen and the cars to fast to spot her. All it took was one single alarm call by the peacock that had bumped into her by mistake. We then were glued to the place. We looked and we searched only for our eyes to hurt. And then after an hour of trying, we saw her. Silently she sat, watching the drama of the wildlife chase in the park. That day for a change the animal was the spectator and the tourists the performers. 
Then there were cars passing by us assuming we saw some bird and that wasn't important for them to stop. They then rushed to places where they thought their money might buy them a glimpse of a leopard. And at last, the cars that had given up on a sighting and cursed their luck on wasting their money stopped by us. It had been an hour and a half that we were there by then. 
And a disappointed voice asked, "What are you watching? Birds?"
"Nope, a leopard...", said our driver.
"You are not serious are you?", asked the guests.
"No! it's there", our driver to the guests
And the circus to stop it began. Luckily the leopard was far from all and could not be bothered. And I for once wasn't sorry for the animal being cornered by the humans around...

Image made during Jhalana DCP Journeys

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