The lonely Lanes of Diskit Monastery

One of my favorite places to visit when in Ladakh, the Diskit Monastery. There isn't one particular reason for it. For this is the place that gave me the insights to Buddhism, for this is a place I visit so often that the monks await me each July with a smile, or the wonderfully long peaceful walks here, or the beautiful view of the vast landscape from this mountain top abode... This is not not hidden from tourist, but surely is secluded from it. The fact that it is not as glamorous as the others, and it denies to be commercialised as per tourist demands keeps it true to it's purpose. But this by no way means tourist are not welcome. The monks here are the coolest when it comes to hosting people. For you can not just visit them, but stay with them as a volunteer and learn. This is a picture of the monk in it's habitat (a term only wildlife enthusiasts would smile over) from the top most chamber of the place...

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