The guard at watch

"Sirji kaha hai?", is the first question every driver guide asked last week when they spotted a leopard in Panna. Why? Well because I had made multiple trips to Panna and was on a lookout for leopards. The irony of the situation was unlike other tourists who wanted a tiger, I wanted a leopard but funny that I got only tigers. So this time during my stay, when the first leopard was spotted everyone looked out for me. So much so that everyone looked out for my car and every car we crossed, shouted-"Sir Jaldi jao leopard betha hai!" We rushed to the place. It was on the other side of the Ken river. In a trench was a Sambar kill abandoned by the tigress T1. A leopard soon had claimed it. The tough part was keeping it safe from crocodiles as it was only a few meters from the river. We soon got into a boat and headed in the direction. And what did I see there, Nothing! The kill was there unclaimed. We decided to follow the bank in the boat to check the place. 15 mins later when we came back to the kill, we saw a crocodile tail move. Next, the crocodile leapt towards the water and disappeared. Our eyes that were glued to the crocodile till now, moved back to the kill. A tail curled and there it was- finally my first Panna leopard! But as they say- once a jinx is broken, you are flooded with a repetition of the experience. I soon seemed to be spotting enough leopards in Panna.

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