The greens and the ghosts

It was a cold stary night at Kaas. We rolled down our car windows only to smell the scent of the forest as the cold air went into our lungs. There was a lot of uneasiness in our heads. Well, each person had his own fears. My fear was the gaur around at night as we drove in a tiny car. Our local friends from Satara dreaded the forest near Kaas, for it has been known for its ghosts and demons for some time. They prayed to not find any interesting species as we drove through this infamous patch. But we did! A Bamboo Pit Viper moved across the road onto a scrub. It was a tense moment of fear and fun. But we did get down the car and photographed the snake. Well, with the warnings and jokes at regular intervals. I am glad our friends got over their fear and ventured out. Else this image wouldn't have been possible...

Small: A4: 11.69 X 8.27 inches
Medium: A3: 16.53 X 11.69 inches
Large: 2 X 3 feet : 24 X 36 inches