The Gentleman that waits for his woman to join him

For 2 hours or more we searched for big cats and there was nothing. We like others had no intention of tracking the Tiger Monitoring Car. We preferred finding animals by ourself. And in the process, we cherished watching species besides the big cats. It was near Panna Seha that we were photographing an Egyptian Vulture. The pretty bird sat on a short tree basking in the evening sun. Just then a Sambar called out of fright. Abhinav then saw a tail with a white tip appearing near the road. Soon I saw a huge leopard walk to water close to the road. It was a massive male who spent around 20 mins with us undisturbed. He then walked away in a Nallah. He turned back every few mins. Then finally he waited. Then with the male in front of the car, we had a female approaching from behind. The gentle male waited for her to join him. Then they saw in Lantana till the end of our safari time. We had to leave them and head back out of the park eventually. 

Image clicked during Panna Journeys

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