The future young and bold- Rider

T 1 has a litter of 2 female cubs- P151 and P152. One is bold and inquisitive while the other is shy and secretive. One explores region away from her mother while other never leaves her mother's shadow. On one such occasion we saw both the cubs. The shy one could barely be seen but the bold one came real close to check us out. We gave enough time to the young cat to settle and she was real relaxed eventually. She came out of the undergrowth, stared at all tourists, crossed a nala and finally sat next to our car. It was cautious initially, then became confident and later became curious. She looked real interested on this new exposure. Away from her mother who is a shy tigress, she behaved unlike her parent. 
And then this portrait was made...

Small: A4: 11.69 X 8.27 inches
Medium: A3: 16.53 X 11.69 inches
Large: 2 X 3 feet : 24 X 36 inches