The elusive, secretive Lesser Striped Necked Snake

I remember the first time hearing about this snake. It was my first year of masters, on a bus, on my way to Kaas. A teacher telling us they have been looking for this snake for more than a decade and they only time they did was when a Saw Scaled Viper regurgitated it out. Hard work for 10 years and yet no sign of the snake. Hearing it was so rare, I did not hope to see it. We got down of the bus in our monsoon gear. It was a botany field trip, but the herpetologist in me made me turn rocks instead of checking the plant inflorescence. My partner in crime was another friend. The first massive bolder we choose to turn and it needed more than two of us for it. Once turned we were so busy holding the rock, we barely saw what was under it. All we heard later is 'Do not let this one go!!!'. Rohan was quick and caught a snake under it. To everyone's surprise, another head popped out. I grabbed that one. What happened next was something no one expected. Both the snakes were the elusive Lesser Striped Necked Snakes and that too they were mating. Record shots were clicked by the teacher as he was the only one with a camera and the snake was left undisturbed, where they could multiply. 
I went home happy being a part of an unforgettable event and then that was it. When I looked for images and publications about the species, there was barely anything. Even the snakes of India did not have any images of it. 
A year later, I decided to study the lizard ecology of lateritic plateaus of Satara. While looking for the lizard in the heavy rains of July, I and my field assistant found the snake again. With time, we found more of the species and we understood more of the species. It was then that I realised that often species are not rare, but they are uncommon. It is us who fail to find them...
We were lucky to have found 3 individuals of the species of our recent Lateritic Plateau Herpetology Journeys

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