Speed breaker like this

It was our drive to the gate of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, when a tiny cluster of feathers sat on the road. The only problem, the car coming from the opposite side had not seen it! We then had to shout and scream to get their attention. And it worked. They stopped, only for us to reach there and identify the object on the road. It was a Jungle Owlet juvenile that had fallen off it's nest. Later, the bird was moved safely from the road to a safe spot under it's nest by the Forest Official under our instructions. Mind you the bird was not touched while doing this (yes, it is how rescue is to be done). And as per our calculation the mother did show up and accept the young bird.
Missing accomplished... P.S.- this picture was clicked from the safari car and no tourist had handled or gotten down from the car during the event.

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