Smile to a good travel story

It was a small class of 20 kids in the school run by the Thikshey Monastery. These kids, trained to be monks had a routine. A routine to which I was a surprise addition. I had a story telling session with them recently.
The kids looked at me surprised, amused and curious. It was interesting as some of them did not understand Hindi or English. So I to put an extra effort through my gestures. "Which story would you like to listen to?", I asked. " We heard you Photograph animals. Why don't you share your animal encounters. Encounters of animals we have only heard off. Animals we might never see in the wild!" Said a kid. Why would he say something like this I thought? Did he mean the animals might go extinct by the time he gets to go see them. But, it wasn't that... It was because he might never go beyond Ladakh and see the world. For his world stayed contained in the valley. Is this why travelers in the earlier days knew Ladakh as a place so high and tough to reach that only a true friend or foe would make it...
With this thought I started sharing my stories. And the kids smiled with each of them. By the end they would all giggle on a good up, feel scared when I encountered an animal too close, share tears in sorrow. I think my job as a story teller was done then...

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