Life in the Granite Cavity

A Leopard cub decides to have its own day out while its family is in their cave!

Often the best way of exploitation in a complex society is using the term 'WE'. It is the best way to misguide naive individuals, to make them a medium to achieve your own goals. 'WE' is nothing but a collective 'ME'. Where each individual barters their part of 'ME' with others to move towards their goal. This the others agree to as by bartering their part of 'ME' they too are benefiting in their own way. This is our society. They only fool at the end of everything are the ones who believe in 'WE'. As they strive to keep everyone happy, mostly ending up unhappy themselves. These naive sous believe in the collective cause, often terms like our office, our plans, our cause. But all that's happening is it is someone's cause. This often is even made clear t them and yet they believe in 'WE'. Unfortunately by the time they realize whats happening the world has moved on.

In this image is a smart Leopard cub, who unlike its siblings decided to stick to its own plans. 

Image clicked during Bera Journeys.

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