Sushil Chikane

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Sushil Chikane is a photo artist based out of Pune. He has traversed India extensively and there's nothing he loves doing more. Coupled with the beautiful places he travels to with his camera is his eye for detail and the ability to bring into the frame something surreal and absolutely captivating.

With a cumulative experience of 15 years in the field in association with an array of organizations, In the course of his travels and trained in biodeversity, he has had the privilege to observe some very fascinating and rare creatures that inhabit the wildernesses. Additionally, his unique ability to compose images of wildlife in an artistic manner, gives them a unique feel and can be interpreted in a myriad ways.

Sushil's pictures have been published in some leading magazines like Heritage India, Saevus and Sanctuary Asia and in books such as the Reptiles and Amphibians of Maharashtra and Reptiles of India. Sushil garners a deep love for India and a talent to be able to tell stories through his photographs.