Hustle of a mother

A glimpse of a tiny mammal running across the road is all I saw. And that was good enough for me to stop the car and wait. We were entering the Sumur village. I thought it was a Nubra Pika. Why? Because that was the animal I was looking forward to Photograph.
We had stopped our car and were waiting for more than 20 mins. And no sign of any animal. And as the optimism in the group started to sink, ran an animal back to the place we saw it first.
Still, we had no clue what it was! It was tiny, fast furry animal. And then it came on to a rock next to the road and stared right at us. It was a Weasel of some sort. I barely managed to get a grainy, dull image before the animal disappeared again. By then my group was done looking at the animal. But my gut feeling was to stay. And that is what I did! By the end of it, it was I and Archit.
Sitting quietly by the side of the road. And then we realized a trend in the moment in the animal. It came out of a field, ran through the open ground to the bush by a stream. It was then that we realized that every time it returned from the bushes near a stream it had another animal in it's mouth. We thought she was hunting. But when this happened for the 9th time, we knew it was prey that she carried.
It was also by now that we had found 2 clear trails that she crossed each time she shuttled between the farm and the stream. Each of us, had settled at a trail by now. And that is when I got this shot! And to my surprise what the Weasel carried in it's mouth was a new born.
The burrow in the bushes was getting flooded because of the rains. It was then that the female decided to move her young to a safer land.

One examination of the images, this individual turned out to be a Mountain Weasel

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