Food Fight

A Jackal takes on massive vultures to claim a kill!

We were crossing the Vulture Point when we spotted a dead Sambar deer. People had all sorts of assumptions as to who killed it, well my personal guess- death due to an accident where it crashes landed (reason- no puncture marks, no damage to the body, not eaten at all). Every tourist passing by must have thought we were a bunch of weirdos as we spent almost an entire safari with the dead Sambar. Soon we got what we had expected, the arrival of the vultures. One after the other, we spotted more than 50 individuals belonging to 6 species- Indian vulture, Egyptian vulture, King vulture, Indian Griffion, Himalayan Griffon, Cinereous vulture. It was a photographers delight to click all the action at the kill. Soon the next scavengers joined- a pair of Jackals. The female was scared of the big birds, but the male waited and finally charged at the vultures with all he had. He managed to scare the birds away and then fed on the Sambar.

Image made during Panna Journeys.

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