Choti aka P 141, one of the two female cubs of T1

T1's both female cubs have recently split from their mother and are exploring life on their own. Occupying the Peepartola meadow and the Ken river side adjoining it, these cubs have slowly but shyly started exposing themselves to tourists. We had seen these two made a kill but that got stolen by crocs. This time when we saw 'Choti' she was determined to make another kill, but she waited for all cars to leave. We were the only car waiting patiently for her and she did oblige. 

I was glad I had some great company. They did believe in taking the road less traveled. They agreed to go to a park less visited and explore it. While most of their friends visited famous parks they said let's do Panna. I know most will now play safe and visit Panna after seeing the photos coming up on FB. I do encourage everyone to visit Panna. A wonderful park.

Small: A4: 11.69 X 8.27 inches
Medium: A3: 16.53 X 11.69 inches
Large: 2 X 3 feet : 24 X 36 inches